Squirt guns? Well, it was a slow day at the flea market. No snowdomes. No plastic purses. And there they were. An entire collection of squirt (water) guns. While many were shaped like animals, there were a few that resembled cartoon characters. Couldn't pass them up. Another collection was born. In the past several years, we've added several--one at a time. We've yet to meet another collector. If you have any, please let us know. trylon@erols.com

The thumbnail picture on the left shows some of the squirt guns. To get a clearer view, just click on it. Besides the characters you might expect, like Mickey and Donald, there's super heros like Batman, Superman and Spiderman. If there are TV characters like Fred Flintstone and his Snarfelofogaus, there must be a Barney and maybe a Wilma. Movies are represented too. There's Planet of the Apes and John Wayne too but who's next to him? The one who looks like a doctor. Any ideas?

A little stranger still--there are squirt guns for wrestlers. There must a whole set and here's just two. Let us know if you have any others.

Finding figural squirt guns is tough enough but to find them in their orignal packaging (very desirable for serious collectors) is rare. Here are two. One is Spiderman. The other is Dennis the Menace. Instead of a normal trigger, you press his cowlick and Dennis' arm comes up and squirts water.