This page is regularly up-dated to show some recent neat additions to Michael's snow dome collection. To get a better look, click on the individual thumbnail photo.

This is a very unusual and, frankly, mysterious snowdome. In a television style snowdome, a clown riding a bicycle slides back and forth in front of a huge mushroom. I would appreciate any information as to why this is entitled 'BIG EARS'. Is that the name of the clown? Any idea as to from what country this snowdome comes?

Fairy tales and children's rhymes sometimes find their way into snowdomes. This traditional flat back has Humpty Dumpty, with a clear name plaque. This is part of a set. When this was found, it was accompanied by 'HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE' and 'MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB'. Quite and exciting day.

This large dome, quite different from the HUMPTY DUMPTY one, has some children on a ship, sailing in front of a star filled sky. The name plaque, 'TWINKLE TWINKLE' is written in script and not the usual block letters.

The community of Ocean Grove lies along the northern part of the New Jersey shore. Daily life was dominated by the Methodist religion. This very old snowdome depicts 'THE AUDITORIUM'.