Here are a selection of Michael's favorite plastic snow domes. These are often only a few inches in size, have a blue back and come in a variety of shapes--the most common being oval. Just click on the thumbnail piacutre to get a clearer view of the snow dome.

In the 60's, a number of toll roads sold snow domes to allow travellers to re-live their exciting journies. This one from Indiana is a little more complex than most with a see-saw holding the cars waiting to pay their tolls. Invariably, the toll road snow domes show the toll booths. Maybe that's the most memorable aspect of the highways.

Many tourist attractions, like zoos and theme parks, had snow domes. Besides showing the location's name and perhaps it's location, the more interesting ones are a little more descriptive. This one is from a little zoo in Missouri.

This tourist attraction in New Brunswick, Canada, with unusual topographic features, gives a visitor the perception that a car will be pulled up-hill by some exotic phenomenon. Local promoters built upon this magnetism to pull in tourists. Check out the sign post for the local motel.

Children's theme parks were popular well before Disney hit the scene. Snow domes were ideal souvenirs to take home with the memories of the day. Many were in small, out-of-the-way locations. These are the more interesting ones.