These snow domes aren't souvenirs from tourist sites. They don't advertise products. And while there are no end to Christmas snow domes, some have little link to the lore or traditions. So you might just ask, "Where were these sold?" "Who bought them?"

Christmas is a common snow dome theme. There is no end of versions with XMAS trees, angels, snowmen and, of course, Santa Claus. This one from the mid-'80's has Santa in his own flyng saucer. Goodbye Dasher, Dancer, et. al.

This is a most unusual, two level snow dome made in Germany. Each half has its own self contained snow, water and refill hole. The top portion has a fisherman and an alligator lurks in the lower half.

There are a few snow domes that don't really advertise products but promote fictional movie heroes. This one has the Lone Ranger and Tonto. Others include Batman and James Bond made it into snow domes too.

Halloween is another common snow dome theme. Witches and ghosts are often used. But this one is one of the more bizarre. Instead of the water ball being on a standard base or surrounded by a figure (like Santa's Starship), this one sits atop a weird head. The brain is visible and, when shaken, the snow flakes are really bats. Maybe that's what too many snow domes will do to you.