One of the goals of the Muntner web-site is to up-date visitors on recent activities in the family. We're not sure why, but at one time that seemed like a good idea. We're sure no one is still interested in some of our earlier trips--not even us--and they've been removed from the site. In fact, numerous discreet comments had been made about Africa and Eastern Europe. So the site has been up-dated. Tours of the more recent travel will remain for a while. If those bore you too, let us know.

Come join us in: Greece and Turkey, Costa Rica, Iceland, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Northern Spain, Alaska, Berlin and, most recently, Peru and Ecuador. It is absolutely not true that these trips were taken for the sole purpose of finding snowdomes. However, we never ever lose the opportunity to scout out souvenir shops, antique malls and flea markets with an occasional remarkable find.

Not all of our trips are to exotic locales. Last year, weddings brought us New Jersey where we visited our first apartment in Red Bank. The nearby Delicious Orchards was transformed for a roadside shack to a major operation. Then nearby Atlanta, we stopped by Sommerville--the home of Howard Finster's Paradise Gardens. Perhaps the most famous and prolific of the outsider artists, with Howard's recent death this nationally known 'treasure' may soon disappear.

Oh, did we forget? While some of this is not exactly 'new news', the family has grown, starting with Alison Helene Zena Muntner Sneader--born on the July 5, 1999. Then came Lucy Josephine Mary Muntner Sneader on May 2, 2001. How will they ever write their names in the tiny spaces on the forms they have in school? And this year, on June 7 2002, they we were joined by Audrey Isa Muntner. Alison, Lucy, Amy and Kevin live in Manhattan while Audrey, Josh and Joie are in Brooklyn. These photos we taken in November 2002.

Paul still is in New Orleans, as an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at Tulane University. Last year, we finally coordinated schedules and visited during Mardi Gras.


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