Snow domes have been used to advertise products and firms since the 1950's. They were often intended as 'give-aways', as compared to souvenir domes that were sold. Here is a selection of Michael's favorite advertising snow domes. Just click on the thumbnail picture to get a clearer view of the snow dome.

In the 1950's, Progressive Products in Union, NJ produced these glass snow globes to advertise products. The base is hard molded plastic. The most common were for transportation companies and have trucks inside. This one promotes a manufacturer of toilet seats.

Instead of a having a paper weight of questionable functionality, Progressive Products also produced a pen holder (made for the earliest Papermate ball point pens) for the desk. This one is for the Policeman's Benevolent Associations, Local 25, in New Jersey.

Advertsing snow domes were not produced in large quantities. So instead of the normal plastic ones from Hong Kong or China, glass domes with wood bases could afford to be used, like this one from MCI. It is reasonably new but it is not clear whether it was as an award or a promotion for a new telecommunications service.